How We Do

 I just felt like mixing the pattern between stripes and leopard. Not bad, right? :)
And These outfits pictures were taken way back after Mags Fashion Show.
I was hoping to see some incredible street styles on the runway but then it was not as awesome as I wanted. Oh well :|

Forever21 - jacket / Vintage boots / Gifted dress / Eiboo bag

Anyway, classes already started finally! It was delayed because of the Super Typhoon Yolanda that hit Visayas area here in the Philippines. Good thing, the storm did not really hit my city though but a lot of people are missing until now, 10,000 people died and those who survived are starving, children orphaned and they lost everything. But then, I read the news that bad people robbed the goods for the victims when the volunteers were on the way. Tsk, heartless people do still exist.
Let's pray for the Philippines and also help in any way you can!

xoxo, Diva


Drop Dead Beautiful

I was put here for a reason, and I’m pretty sure it’s you 
I wanna dance with you in shadows, till all your lies become the truth 
we can stop and smell the roses, put the petals in your hair 
we can lay in bed all evening, call in sick cuz we don’t care. 

singing I do believe you were meant for me. 

I wanna sing to you all over 
under the stars in Tennessee 
grab a drink in Carolina 
make love from Boston to DS 
well have a slice in New York City 
then stop in Paris on the way 
ride a hurricane through Cleveland 
then catch a train back to LA 

singing I do believe you were meant for me.

- Re-defining love by Jake Coco -


Its never too late

I am such a bad and lazy blogger. Forgive me people! :(

Anyway, I am a junior now which means I am a busy bee. Catching up with crazy school stuffs and orgs, and trying not to lose my "outfit" despite the fact that I am too tired, lazy and have no sleep. Oh well.
For now, I will just share these cute purses/bags/clutches that I loooooooove! Its never too late to share something on my blog right? :D
They are indeed cool and cute, aren't they? :)

source here

I hope you guys have a blessed Sunday! 
xo, Diva

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DIY Versace short / Zara Man shirt / Vogue vintage bag / So Fab oxford shoes / unbranded belt and accessories

Finally, I could post another outfit post! My sembreak was over and classes are started already. I was into 'boyish' style today, so I wore my DIY Versace short and my coral shirt from Zara Man plus my new oxford from So Fab to go grocery shopping with my sister.
My schedule is packed with sport practice and classes since Intramurals is around the corner. So no social life for me for a while. I will surely share it on my next post!
I hope you have a happy Sunday everyone!

xo, Diva


Que faire?

Its still sembreak, yet I am bored already. Have nothing to do is such a bad situation when you have a break from college life. No assignments, no paperworks, no exams, no quizzes and no duty! Haha well as I am a second year nursing student, my college life is hella busy and sleepless nights I've had before esp. during paperworks deadline. Well, filling up my days by going to gym (read : work out), eating and sleeping whole day!
These are just street style pictures that I found on this cool site, except for the first one. I dont know why but I really like Kenzo sweaters, they are just too adorable! Aren't they? :)

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

xo, Diva